I’ve moved!

Sorry for the delay in getting the word out, but my blog has moved! I am currently in the middle of a Chris Guillebeau / Tim Ferriss high, and as such I have decided to… Continue reading

Bob Dylan – “Mississippi”

Something about Bob Dylan’s music always works its way into my soul and calms me down.

A letter posted too late.

I took some time this evening and wrote a letter to a very kind, older Italian couple whom I met on a train between Faenza and Bologna two years ago. The circumstances which drove me to finally write it are unfortunate.

My favorite place in New Orleans.

I’m not a drinker.  I’m not a partier.  I find long nights on the town [baby] to be a complete waste of time unless they are spent having good conversations with one or two good… Continue reading

Favorite Blogs: Fitness and Nutrition

If it’s true that what goes around comes around, I’d like to start throwing a little love toward some of my favorite blogs.

“Touch” Revisited: I nailed it.

Earlier in the week, I wrote that the FOX television drama Touch was an “intriguing show.”