How to devour the sausage plate.

I love sausage. Sausage can be very special or very disgusting.  Quality sausage is an amazing thing; a delicious cylinder of meat, fat and spice.  There is an art and a craft to… Continue reading

Maybe it’s not just the carbs…

Last year, I went Primal.  No regrets.  Mark Sisson’s book got me going and his blog remains inspirational. However, Mark isn’t the only person who writes on primal living and ancestral health.  Through… Continue reading

Thought for the weekend: on simplicity.

I was initially going to open this post with a quote from William of Ockham, the progenator of “Occam’s Razor.”  However, when refreshing myself on the history of Occam’s Razor, I learned that… Continue reading

“They discovered fire.”

Rowan Atkinson as Doctor Who, Richard Grant Jonathan Pryce as the master.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  One-liners abound. Also, a pretty good parody of the kind of loop-the-loop writing that… Continue reading

Visual India

Last weekend, I joined with some friends for a night of Indian food and a screening of the Criterion release of The Darjeeling Limited on blu-ray.  It was a fun night all the way… Continue reading

True accomplishment.

It has always been my firm believe that entertainment and advertising reflect culture, and are not the root of it.  Causation is hard to prove, but the correlation between films and television shows… Continue reading