My favorite meal.

I’m a man of simple taste.  I might not eat wheat any more, which rules out all derivative products such as pasta and most fried foods, but I still crave me some soul… Continue reading

April in review

I am thoroughly addicted to Instagram.  You can find me there under the name bologray; a name which word processors feel the aggravating need to space out whenever typed. I’ve decided to start… Continue reading

Daniel – headshots for a Pensacola actor.

Shot some headshots and portfolio stuff for a buddy of mine at UWF the other day.  Daniel is a theatre student at UWF, an happens to be a world-class gamer who elevates Team… Continue reading

Warrior Dash and the joy of common purpose.

In retrospect, I regret having spent so much of my life in solitary pursuits.  It’s simply my personality that I do my best work and think most clearly when I work alone, but… Continue reading

Formative influences.

I love The Golden Girls! I say this unashamedly and without irony.  After my history of physical and intellectual pursuits and a man card validated by a shelf of karate trophies in my… Continue reading

Persistent memories.

Do we choose everything that we retain?  I wonder about this sometimes, because some memories seem to choose us as much or more as we choose them.  Somethings are obviously more significant than… Continue reading