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The Shard, the Gherkin, and societal evolution.

Roger Ebert wrote a blog post last night about city planning and his own traditionalism in choosing where to eat and relax.  The springboard for his discussion was The Shard, Britain’s as-yet uncompleted… Continue reading

“Make it Count”

Videos and stories like this make me want to abandon all responsibilities and go galavanting around the planet. An article by Ari Schulman, which I quoted last week, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road as an… Continue reading

Eating like adults.

When I start thinking about health, food and culture, I have a hard time stopping.  Within minutes of posting about intermittent fasting, I had to go ahead and start a draft of this… Continue reading

Diffused Light

My teammates and I shot our final project for our film practicum yesterday.  We shot it on my 5D MkII and had a great time. The picture quality out of my Canon 5D… Continue reading

The month so far…

Since getting an iPhone for my birthday last October, I have been amazed by how much more I have been inclined to chronicle things I see every day.  Using Instagram continues to be… Continue reading