Autonomous cars and a lack of margins.

This article was left over on my reading list from yesterday. At a 2009 technology conference, Brad Templeton of the Electronic Frontier Foundation lectured on the promise of autonomous vehicles; when asked by a… Continue reading

Pointing the Finger II – A final thought.

A couple of weeks ago, before the throes of a research paper derailed my unscheduled-yet-regular blogging, I spilled some thoughts about degraded communication.  Instead of reiterating everything I wrote there, I will simply… Continue reading

Intermittent fasting and the myth of “three squares a day.”

Scenario #1 Standard American Life I wake up in the morning and start my day with a bowl of cereal, toast and a glass of juice. At noon, I eat a sandwich with… Continue reading

College Life

I was reminded again today of how nothing is ever as easy as it seems.  One would think that, by now, one could write a paper in the well-designed and intuitive interface of… Continue reading

Easter versus Christmas

As a Christian, I support Easter.  I support it on the basis of principle.  Contrary to many people, I prefer it to Christmas. Ghandi once said “I like your Christ, I do not… Continue reading

“Pointing the finger…”

Sometimes I become genuinely concerned about the future of interpersonal communication between people of my own generation.  There is no shortage of ways to spread ideas, but there seems to be a lack… Continue reading