Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Redux

There is nothing quite like a Victorian adventure story.  Victorian adventure novels have a unique flavor; detached, yet oddly engaging.  Often written in the first person as diary entries or a journalist’s notes,… Continue reading

Cinema and Ideas

I had an interesting conversation in my film practicum class yesterday.  To understand the context, I need to give some background on the instructor. Dr. Karimi is eighty years old this year, and… Continue reading

Thrill of the Chase

I hate writing research papers.  It’s tedious, there’s an unstated expectation for the verbiage to be high and lofty, I can’t use the phrase “high and lofty,” and my proclivity to use the… Continue reading

Full Circle

I love writing.  I love expressing thoughts.  It’s therapeutic.  But people have certain expectations of different venues. Facebook has become a weird mishmash of old school blogging and a twitter/tumblr fusion where people… Continue reading


An experiment in documentary filmmaking.